Switzerland and the grand conjunction of 2020


Switzerland is an exemplary European country and a safe haven from economic woes in the eurozone. In the years past, depositors in the euro area, afraid of the collapse of the euro, were rushing to the safety of the Swiss franc. Consequently, Swiss banks acquired immense financial power, as Pluto transited the 2nd house of the Swiss astrological chart, from 2004 to 2017. The accumulated capital was profitably spent on the funding of foreign trade and companies overseas.

Swiss horoscope

The constitutional chart of 1848 is used by most astrologers. This horoscope is quite eloquent; for instance, the 12th and 1st house are both ruled by Pluto (big financial corporations, accumulation of wealth), the financial 2nd and 8th houses are ruled by Jupiter and Moon respectively, Moon (savings) is angular in the 4th, denoting the sustaining of homeland through other people’s deposits. Neptune transiting the 4th, from 2014 to 2025, has a special reference to worry concerning taxation of private property and ground values during this period. This transit also denotes a gradual dissolution of traditional values and an alteration of Swiss society, mainly due to immigration.

Banking crisis

A significant weakness of Switzerland is its continued reliance on its financial services industry. In the past, the assets of Swiss banks exceeded 700% of GDP. Therefore, a systemic banking crisis in the eurozone might have a serious impact on the Swiss economy. The weaknesses of the system will come out in 2020. The geopolitical ramifications of what has been going on for a long time under cover of secrecy with billions upon billions of euro, certificates of deposit and gold, will be exposed by the time transiting Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will reach the 24° Capricorn, forming a square with the midpoint of natal Uranus-Pluto, in 2020. With tr. Saturn and Pluto squaring these natal planets from 2020 to 2023, there will be systemic changes within the banking community.

Swiss franc

The Swiss franc

It was introduced by the Federal Assembly on 7 May 1850 (hour speculative, noon). Its link with gold (a minimum of 40% to be backed by gold reserves) was terminated on 1 May 2000. By March 2005, following a gold selling program, the Swiss National Bank held 1,290 tonnes of gold in reserves which equated to 20% of its assets. As Switzerland is joined to the Breton Woods system its currency follows the fluctuations of dollar and euro; for instance, it was devalued in 1936 by 30% following the devaluations of the British pound, U.S. dollar, and French franc. The natal square in the horoscope of this currency (Saturn 16°, Uranus 28°, Pluto 29° Aries and Mars 26° Cancer) indicates that it will also be affected by the grand conjunction and the trouble that will ensue in the global financial markets in 2020.

Chart of Swiss National Bank

Swiss National Bank

More telling is the horoscope of the Swiss National Bank, established on 16/1/1906, the business started on June 20, 1907 (Manfred Pohl, Handbook on the History of European Banks) hour set for the opening. The Bank will face wobbles and setbacks in 2020 with the grand conjunction occurring on the cusp of its 6th house and opposing its natal Mercury, so it will not escape from anxieties during the upcoming economic turbulence when the future of the euro and the stability of the European nations will be called into question again. A scandal related to the financial secrecy of the system should not be excluded along with a large restructuring of its human resources in the years to come – in mundane astrology, employees are denoted by the 6th house. It is worth noting that its natal multiple T-square consisted of Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter and North Node at 12°-24° Cancer, Uranus and Mars at 12°-18° Capricorn, and Moon at 11° Libra was triggered by the transits of Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto in 2016. Since the financial crisis hit Europe, the Bank has intervened several times to regulate the rise of the Swiss franc.

Banking secrecy

Wilhelm Tell is the folk hero of Switzerland but its banking system is dominated by the principle “Do Not Tell.” The country has been one of the largest offshore financial centers and tax havens in the world since the mid-20th century and still is, despite the international push to roll back banking secrecy laws. Even if, in the coming years, astrological conditions will give rise to a re-balancing under the international pressure which aims to moralize the financial networks, and to fight against tax evasion, the principle of banking secrecy will not be shaken in its fundamentals. The attractiveness of Switzerland for foreign capital should even increase. This will be more profitable for the country in terms of savings accumulation. The grand planetary conjunction in Capricorn in 2020 undoubtedly corresponds to certain reforms in the banking sector of Switzerland but transparency will be quite relative.


Eurozone from the outset was constructed as an incomplete monetary union: a common currency without a common fiscal policy. In the years past, the politicians in France and Germany, who first compromised the rules of the Stability Pact, have been seeking to impose this pact with full rigor on the South. Bankers of the eurozone, including directors of the ECB, have had their profit-making party for many years, funding the most amazing bubbles, from Greek bonds to Irish shopping malls. Now that the party is over, the bankers are recalling the moral sacredness of a debtor’s obligation and are still trying in many ways to transfer the burden to the taxpayers. The voters of the North are resisting strongly the rescue of the South countries, voters in Southern are revolting against austerity programs. In this precarious financial environment Switzerland, its banks and its currency will keep on thriving in the years to come.

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