Uranus in Taurus


On 15 May 2018, Uranus entered Taurus for a short stay until 6 November 2018, then it moved backward in Aries. It will re-enter Taurus on March 6 and will stay in this sign until April 2026.

The sign Taurus

In mundane astrology rules nearly everything related to money such as cash, checkbooks, banks, borrowing and spending, securities and stocks, treasuries, and financiers. Taurus also governs the food supply, cattle, copper, jewelry, and possessions in general. It is associated with beauty and art; museums and galleries fall in this
Taurus is the 2nd house of the global horoscope. Here are some connotations of this house in a mundane chart: national exchequer, revenue, stock exchange, banks, commercial affairs, and trade; the nation’s assets and financial status, the gross national product. Exports and money lent to other nations. Food is placed under this house and in mundane charts, it influences the status and value of the nation’s crops, products, and essential supplies.


Keywords for the planet: revolutions, anarchy, innovations, technology, electricity, mechanics, aeronautics, electronics. As well, the planet rules anything high tech, futuristic, or visionary. Uranus is a generational planet because the charts of several generations of people have Uranus in the same sign. Thus, whenever this natal planet is affected by a long transit of an outer planet, many people feel the same effect and their behavior is analogous.
Uranus has its exaltation in Scorpio and its fall in Taurus. The nature of the sign and that of the planet is different: it is concrete for the former, conceptual for the latter. With all this took into consideration, mundane astrologers agree upon the probable effects of Uranus in Taurus. The following paragraphs are a summary of their predictions, along with some estimates of mine.


A revival of traditional musical forms (country and folklore) adapted with a modern style, as well as of the postmodern (atonal) music. Holograms will be widely spread in the news and the art – music, painting, sculpture.


Taurus is not propitious to technological advancement and strides in this field should not be expected. Possible new applications of electricity into households.


Environmental issues will arise due to the consequences of climate change on the farmlands. The application of new technologies in agriculture will partially compensate for the negative effect. Tornados will be more frequent and damaging.

Real estate

Dismantling of property and countermeasures with financial incentives so flexible that they could be used for everything, from affordable housing to solar farms.


1) a proliferation of get rich quick schemes. This effect will be accentuated in 2019 by the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune square, which has a similar impact on financial dealings. Cryptocurrencies, on the rise and fall until May 2024, along with the new blockchain technology.
2) Stock exchange turbulence and volatility of the markets will be constant.
3) dematerialization of finance and changes in the way we exchange money. Cashless economy will expand faster, with credit cards and checkbooks replacing the traditional wallet. Members’ cards for discounts and privileges will become the norm in the trade, especially in the food supply sector, with big enterprises providing ample credit to their clients and thus replacing the banks. Barter economy will grow and, thanks to the world wide web, it will become international.
4) mergers and acquisitions of big companies, following strategic plans secretly negotiated, then suddenly announced.
5) the de-dollarization of the global economy will be accelerated.


By and large, for big social issues (economy, politics, governance, environment) 2019 is a year whose digits add up to zero. Come the sturdy and momentous 2020 issues will proceed at a faster pace, always in the frame of the status-quo, that of the supremacy of money and the utilitarianism that characterized the recent decades with the slow planets in earth signs. After 2023, when these planets will be sifting into airy signs, it will be realized that capitalism is dying with gasps. Throughout this period, Uranus from Taurus will cause turbulence difficult to foresee in the global economy, for unpredictability is the nature of the planet.

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