Grand planetary conjunction in 2020


grand_conjunction_2020In 2020, the grand conjunction of the three outer planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will take place in the last decanate of Capricorn, from January through April. It is a very rare astrological phenomenon, occurring roughly once in a thousand years. In the past, it happened in 1894 BC, 549 AD, and 1284 AD.

A new phase of expansion

The grand conjunction is the convergence of three inter-planetary cycles, as follows: On April 1, there will be a wider synod of Jupiter-Pluto at 25° Capricorn with Saturn (and Mars) at 1° Aquarius, since:
1) Saturn and Pluto are closing their previous 34-year cycle and starting a new at 23° Capricorn, on January 12.
2) Jupiter and Pluto are completing their previous 12.5-year cycle and initiating a new with three conjunctions (due to apparent retrograde motion of Jupiter) at 25° Capricorn, on April 5, June 30 and November 12.
3) Jupiter and Saturn are completing their previous 20-year cycle, beginning a new on December 21, 2020, at 1° Aquarius.

Planets in alignment

Below, there are some of their significations in mundane astrology:

Pluto positively means power and regeneration; negatively is disruption, destruction, decline, plutocracy. Globally, the planet signifies the power of the masses, compulsive collective pressure, fanaticism, and obsession, disintegration, and transformation. The placement of Pluto can show where there is a capacity for reorganization. It rules propaganda, psychological warfare, and conspiracy, secret societies, monopolies, and conglomerates. Nuclear power, sophisticated views of medicine and technology, ecology and alternate energy sources are also denoted by Pluto.

Saturn Authority, state-run business, law enforcement agencies, monopolies, heavy industry and conglomerates, farmers, produce from the land, real estate, and buildings. It shows tendencies of the nation to be regimented or standardized; it also shows any tendency to stagnation of social structures, or the oppressive nature of the ruling body. Depressions, poverty, emergencies, calamities. Nationalization, heavy taxes and national wastage. Death of prominent leaders. Laws of constraining purpose & concerning employment.

Jupiter Religion, priests and anything connected with the church. Law, courts and justice, imperialistic attitudes and feelings of superiority, and the capitalistic force in financial and trade relations. National finances, capitalism, inflation. Treasury, banks and other financial institutions. All ruling bodies that ratify treaties, how diplomatic and trade relations are developed. Afflicted Jupiter can bring religious suppression, international crises, border disputes, import or export problems.

Mars denotes agitation, aggression or aggressiveness. It rules the military, the police and the industrial labor force, heavy manufacturing, arms manufacture and the production of flammable chemicals. It signifies war, disputes, fire and incendiarism, destructive actions by rebellions, criminal actions of a violent nature. In an ingress, lunation or eclipse chart Mars is used as the timer to the action of what is indicated in the chart as a whole. Conjunct Saturn and Pluto, it gives earthquakes, mutinies, epidemics, civil strikes, and terrorism.

The sign of Capricorn is peregrination for Pluto, home for Saturn, a weakness for Jupiter and exaltation for Mars. Capricorn signifies tradition and established authority, the status-quo, the administration, and the fundamental social structures.

For individuals

The grand conjunction of 2020, due to its strength, will also affect individuals having any natal planet, the Moon’s nodes as well as the axes of their horoscopes in the last ten degrees of Capricorn, especially from 20° to 25°. They will be affected according to house placement and the signification of their personal planets. For them, certainly it is not a fatal aspect, but it is somehow fated.

In mundane astrology

Collective entities are not only nations and states but also organizations, institutions, big enterprises, etc, in so far as they present a specific time point of creation. Specifically for nations, the notion of birth is misleading. The application of a biological metaphor to political processes gave rise to the idea that nations are born and hence must have one chart, an assumption which has bedeviled the argument over which is the correct chart for a nation. What we have instead are horoscopes for significant political moments. Under this principle, the effect of the grand synod will be examined in future posts here. For the time being, it is worth noting that, due to the participation of Mars, a few weeks before and after the alignment, there is a high risk of extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and environmental accidents.


The grand planetary conjunction in 2020 will incite many prophecies of the dooms-day kind. Yet, for the most part, its effects will unfold gradually in the future. It recapitulates the problems of the current decade, reminds for the last time lessons not learned and ushers decades of change worldwide, when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will move into the airy sign of Aquarius.

(more about the Capricorn stellium in 2020)

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